Monday, July 18, 2011

More Summer Fun

Addy loves to dump water on herself

Checking out the animals at the zoo

A favorite part of the zoo - the swinging bridge

Enjoying freezey-pops with Daddy

Waiting for the Wagon Ride

This morning I watered the flowers and let Addy play outside for a while before it got too hot.  It was already 90 degrees at 10:00 am and very humid.  Eww!  Addy decided to climb in her red wagon that Great-Grandma gave her for her birthday.  She proceeded to cry out "Mommy!  Go for ride!"  I told her that we could go for a ride after I watered the flowers.  Again (and again and again) she was saying in her persistent voice, "Mommy!  Go for ride!",  despite my increasingly impatient explanations that I must water the flowers first and then we could go for a wagon ride.  As I'm wondering why she can't understand waiting for a wagon ride, it hit me that this is how I often act while waiting for God.  I pray and expect an instant reply of exactly what I think I need and can't understand why He can't grant me my request.  I have little understanding of the big picture, or at least I choose not to really consider His plans in my impatience.  I just want to 'go for that wagon ride' without waiting for what God has planned for me.  I finished watering the flowers and then we went for a wonderful wagon ride around the block three whole times, Addy singing along as I walked thinking about how I can wait more patiently for the 'wagon rides' God has planned for me.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Addy's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Addy's 2nd birthday last week.  She was sooo excited about the cake and balloons and candles and presents!  She kept singing "Happy Birthday to-ooh" all day and for days after.  We can hardly believe our baby girl is two.  It seems like only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital not having any idea how our lives would really change.  She has taught us so much - about love, patience, selflessness, and the little joys in life.  I think we have a better understanding of our Father's love and the relationship we have with Him now that we are parents.  She is an amazing joy to have in our lives and we are incredibly grateful that God has entrusted us to raise her.  I certainly pray daily for strength and wisdom in growing our little girl. I think midnight feedings and dirty diapers are nothing compared to the responsibility of disciplining and moral development.  Ahhh!  Good thing I don't have to go this alone :) 
Enjoy the pics from Addy's birthday.

Jumping into the Blog World

I'm finally entering the world of blogging.  I thought this would be a good way to share our life with family and friends.  Enjoy our adventures!